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Cyberzone supports inter-school gaming community with Smart’s University Clash Tournament

Cyberzone, the largest chain of IT retail stores in the Philippines, continues to bring together an expanding tech community at various esports segments in the Country. Smart Communications held its University Clash Finals at SM City North EDSA, September 19.

Esports has rapidly transformed from a niche hobby to a mainstream phenomenon, and the Philippines’ educational institutions are no exception to this trend. Embracing this change, Smart Communications made a significant stride in promoting esports within the academic sphere by launching the eagerly anticipated University Clash tournament on July 14.

64 teams from across the nation vied for supremacy in a nationwide playoff during the groundbreaking event. Smart’s University Clash represents a pivotal moment where esports and education converge to create a new frontier of competition and skills development.

From thrilling matches and intense rivalries, to exposure of exceptional talents, eight teams have emerged victorious and reached the finals. These elite eight teams went head-to-head in a battle for the coveted winner’s title.

Here’s a closer look at the teams that have made it to the Quarterfinals:

1st Match: Teletigers Gold vs EAC Generals
2nd Match: HCDC B vs HCDC A
3rd Match: Viridis Arcus vs FEU Invicta
4th Match: Kabud Esports vs Excelsiors Esports

While the tournament aims to shape the future and recognize the potential of esports as a legitimate avenue for skills development and vast opportunities, Cyberzone continues to support gaming communities across all demographics and positively influence the youth’s growing passion in tech and the gaming arena. The Premier Tech Hub continues to partner with organizations and platforms that commonly support CCE tournaments.

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