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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thurman disrespect for Pacquiao continues

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By Ponciano Melo Jr. 

CALIFORNIA, USA — Keith Thurman Jr. is at it again. 

The crass, trash-talking American can’t seem to put a lid on his statements after yet another badmouthing of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao. 

During an Instagram live video, the undefeated fighter once again called out the Pacman on his “retirement” plans. Thurman has vowed to be the one to fore Pacquiao into retirement since the two’s press con in New York last May. He hasn’t kept mum since. 

In the video, shot inside a private plane headed for a scheduled inteview together with his eight-division world champion foe, “One Time” Thurman said that  Pacquiao is "easy work.”

The American fighter also showed disrespect when he looked past his upcoming fight with Pacquiao and saying he is more concerned with fighting Errol Spence. 

“I’m ready for Spence or everybody” he said after he dispatches of the fighting Senator.

According to those in his inner circle, however, Pacquiao got pissed when Thurman took a line out of the Bible.

Pacquiao, in a recent interview chose to let the comments from his opponent on July 20th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, just slide. 

But insiders say that Pacquiao “got pissed” at the constant trash-talk of the younger American, getting irked at the comments made by Thurman that he will “crucify” Pacquiao. 

pacman thurman
Photo credit WR Alinea

For now, what Thurman might expect, as repercussion of his words, a more aggressive Pacquiao. And the latter’s strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune expects the American fighter to back pedal if he gets a taste of that famous punching speed and power from the Pacman. 

“Yeah. They all do. They all do. Listen, Thurman can’t stay in the pocket with Manny — he’s too fast, he’s too strong. So logically, or fight-wise, if he wants to win this fight, he has to try to box him. We plan for both,” he said. 



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