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Judo skills help Marcos clinch gold in karatedo

Twenty-year-old karateka Julia Marcos wanted to use new lessons learned following a recent shift to judo from karatedo on Monday in the 8th edition of the Women’s Martial Arts Festival at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila.

Julia Marcos

A new member of the team team, Marcos took the gold medal in the -61 kg. karatedo finals after she won by decision (onsoku) over veteran Sophia Jasmine Balagot, an old rival, who was penalized after stepping off the mat for the fourth time.

Marcos, who has learned to execute a much better foot sweep following new moves learned from dabbling into judo this year, added to club team Maharlika Karatedo Kai of the Philippines International’s stash of medal wins since Day 1.

With her performance, MKKPI became the winningest club outside of the Philippine national women’s team, after team members took home three golds, a silver and a bronze medal.

“Hindi ko siya mapasukan. Kaya na-decision,” said Marcos, who accepted a judo scholarship at the University of Santo Tomas last July since karatedo is not included in the calendar of events in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.

She reached the finals after hurdling Jackie Bass of the Philippine National Police on points in the quarterfinals to arrange a clash with Balagot.

MKKPI claimed two gold medals on the final day of action in karatedo, with the other one coming from National University standout Yvone German after she turned back MKPPI-CLSU’s Marie Adriano in the -55 kg. class.

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