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Finding the right love at the wrong time

Bea Alonzo  and  Dennis Trillo  come together in an extraordinary story about lost love and missed chances in  Love Before Sunrise, a primetime series premiering tonight on GMA Network.

Dennis Trillo as Atom

The series, which streams 48 hours in advance on Viu Philippines, recounts the tale of past romantic partners Atom (Dennis) and Stella (Bea), who, after many years, find themselves reuniting.

They deeply regret losing each other when they ended up in unhappy marriages separately. The situation becomes increasingly complex as they succumb to their revived emotions and decide to pursue their love despite societal constraints.

Directed by Mark dela Cruz, the series also stars Andrea Torres and Sid Lucero.

Bea Alonzo plays the role of Stella


Discussing their on-set chemistry, Dennis shared that he was starstruck by Bea on the first day of shooting for their upcoming series.

“On our first day, I felt really nervous. I was starstruck every time we had a scene together,” Dennis revealed.

Dennis, who referred to Bea as the “Box Office Queen,” also mentioned feeling pressure while working with her.

“During filming, I would always check the script breakdown to see the scenes I had with Bea because I wanted to excel in those moments,” he explained. “We all know how talented Bea is. I’ve seen her movies, and it was an intimidating experience.”

On the other hand, Bea admitted that she also felt some initial awkwardness on their first day.

“Our first day on set was a bit awkward. I felt uneasy because we were portraying scenes that mirrored our past relationship,” Bea shared.

However, both being seasoned professionals, they eventually found their groove as they spent more time working together.

Dennis Trillo (left) and Bea Alonzo reunite
in ‘Love Before Sunrise’

“As we developed a rhythm and camaraderie on set, things naturally smoothed out, and we became comfortable with each other,” Dennis concluded.

For her part, Bea said, “It like, at first, it was hard… but then, we’re professional actors, so we got over that because there’s a sense of familiarity.”

Love Before Sunrise marked the reunion of Bea and Dennis 20 years after their youth-oriented TV series K2BU in 2002.

Bea and Dennis were both part of Star Circle Batch 10 and began attending workshops together back then.

“I think he’s very mysterious. I guess it helped in terms of during the scene when we need to show the ‘falling in love stage’. But, I can only speak for myself. That’s what I’ve experienced,” she said.

Also joining Bea and Dennis in Love Before Sunrise are Nadia Montenegro, Isay Alvarez, Sef Cadayona, Vaness del Moral, Cheska Fausto, and Vince Maristela.

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