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Claudine Barretto dives into a riveting role in television comeback

GMA Network rolled out the red carpet to give actress Claudine Barretto a truly special press conference that promoted her new series, Lovers/Liars. 

The event was held on November 15, and the 44-year-old actress was granted an exclusive space on stage. This was symbolic because it showcased the high regard in which the cast holds Claudine, turning the event into a tribute to the actress who has already brought to life numerous iconic characters on both television and the big screen.

Speaking with Manila Standard Entertainment, Claudine expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work with GMA, stating, “Acting is my first love, and drama, of all genres, is something I’m really comfortable doing.” 

“The plot of this project stood out to me as distinct from all the teleseryes I’ve done so far. Throughout my career, teleseryes have been my forte, but now, I feel compelled to delve into roles that reflect the experiences of women my age,” she carried on. 

Claudine said that her role is a departure from the familiar, and that’s precisely what intrigued her making it an easy “yes” when they were offered to her by the network.

Claudine Barretto is Via Laurente in GMA’s new series, ‘Lovers/Liars’

In her highly anticipated TV comeback, Claudine takes on the role of Via Laurente, a successful businesswoman entangled in an illicit affair with a younger man. The series also features GMA Network’s sought-after dramatic actresses, with Lianne Valentin in the daring role of Hannah Salalac – a kept woman of a powerful politician who will stop at nothing to secure a life of luxury for herself and her family.

Joining the cast is Kimson Tan as Kelvin Chong, a once-wealthy individual now grappling with the aftermath of a financial scandal involving his father. Actor Christian Vasquez plays Victor Tamayo, a possessive and abusive sugar daddy to Hannah, who is a prominent and influential politician.

The series further introduces Michelle Vito as Andrea “Andeng” Segreto, a hardworking single mother striving for a decent life for her son. Rob Gomez portrays Joseph Mentiroso, a medical sales representative and Andeng’s ex-boyfriend, set to confront a shocking revelation from their past relationship.

Adding intrigue to the series is Polo Ravales as Ronnie Sandiego, a respected cardiologist leading a secret life connected to Joseph. Completing the ensemble are sought-after Sparkle stars Shaira Diaz and Yasser Marta. Shaira takes on the role of Nika Aquino, a go-getter facing workplace discrimination, while Yasser portrays Caloy, a determined young man working his way to the top but entangled in a dilemma due to his involvement with Via.

The series is directed by Crisanto Aquino and premieres tonight at 9:35 on GMA Telebabad.

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