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Is it already bye-bye for MarNigo?

Young Kapamilya actor Iñigo Pascual sheds light on the speculation that his love team with Maris Rascal (more popularly known as MarNigo) is gradually being disbanded. 

Talks were rife after Maris appeared in a recent episode of the top-rating drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya opposite McCoy de Leon.

“You know, if we get paired with other stars, it’s our job to deliver,” he says. “In this particular case, I’m so proud of Maris. She and McCoy were able to handle things on a professional level. They were a love team before, right? We’re friends in the industry and we’re just working. I’m friends with McCoy. I hope the public will respect if there are developments such as this.”

In the past, he described the status of his relation with Maris as “exclusive to each other.” Many are curious to know as to what level they’re into now.

Is it already bye-bye for MarNigo?
STATUS UPDATE. According to Iñigo Pascual, he and Maris Racal are just taking a different route for their growth as solo artists.

“The two of us have gone through a lot together. We grew together and I guess, that’s important. Growth is needed. Now, we’re growing at our own pace. We may be doing separate projects at this point but for sure, our support for each other will always be there,” he states.

The 21-year-old actor is vocal in saying that he will always be one of Maris’ biggest fans. 

“I’ve learned a lot from her and the lessons I gained will always remain in me. To be honest, we don’t get to see each other as much anymore, but our friendship is not affected. It remains solid,” he shares.

“We remain to be good friends. Nothing changed especially that we just came back from a tour. We were able to spend some time together and worked together again. But I guess, we’re really focusing on our own separate things,” he adds.

Meanwhile, many are curious about their launching movie entitled I’m Ellenya L.

“I’m so proud of this movie and the amount of work we’ve put into it. It’s a comedy with a heart. Fortunately, we had an extra day to further polish some scenes and it turned out fine. We’re just waiting for the time when it gets shown. The film is great and I can say that Maris is good in this one.”

The young actor also talks about his solo endeavors.

 “I’m preparing for a lot of things that’s coming ahead. For one, there’s my new music videos. One already came out called Mr. Nice Guy. This is my collaboration with Wengi. I’m happy to inform that we already have two million views for the English version. There’s also the Taglish version. People can check it out in Star Music’s You Tube channel and in Spotify. I’ll be filming my second one for an international album.”

With the many opportunities being given to him at present, the appealing lad is spending lots of time in enhancing himself.

“It’s a must to practice. So of late, I’ve been training hard in various departments to widen my horizon like singing, dancing and composing songs,” ends Iñigo.

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Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose takes on her biggest challenge yet as she ventures into the diva universe paying homage to timeless classics through the decades in her first major concert titled, Julie Sings the Divas

Julie Anne San Jose

Viewers will surely get delighted as the pretty lass is expected to breathe life to timeless classics originally performed by music icons like Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyonce and many more. 

For this one night event, the GMA-7 gem will be accompanied by the UP Arco String Orchestra with the country’s top session musicians under the baton of renowned musical director Maestro Danny Tan. 

Produced by Sunny Side Up Productions and GMA Network, Inc. and directed by Louie Ignacio, this two-hour musical extravaganza will also feature internationally-acclaimed singer Arnel Pineda and the world renowned and multi-awarded UP Concert Chorus.

Julie Sings the Divas is projected to elevate Julie Anne’s calibre as a top notch songstress. The concert is set on July 20 at the Theatre at the Solaire Resort and Casino. 

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