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Friday, December 8, 2023

Marlo Mortel emphasizes importance of mindful social media posting

Kapamilya singer-actor Marlo Mortel was supposed to file legal charges against a netizen who accused him three months ago of inviting their boyfriend for a “threesome.”

“I immediately answered that netizen. I said that it wasn’t true. We, actually, had plans on taking legal action. However, Star Magic told me that I should think carefully if I’m going to push through the case since it would take a lot of effort and time on my side,” shared Marlo.

In August, Marlo found himself in hot water when a certain Yuki Zaragosa published an “open letter” and said that Marlo allegedly asked her boyfriend to do a sexual act with him. However, the 30-year-old artist dismissed the accusations and shared that he was confident about telling the truth about the issue.

“I have lots of things on my plate right now. So, basta ako, I already said what I needed to say. And I’m confident with that. So, if ever the issue resurfaces, people should know that laws against cyberbullying exist,” he added.

The singer also emphasized that he neither knew nor had any connection with the netizen.

“I didn’t really know that person. I really had no idea since they didn’t reach out to me at first. The user is like a troll farm,” he continued.

“However, we already traced the IP address location. I have already talked with the authorities and lawyers. During that time, I had people who had helped me locate the online user and I was already planning to push through some legal actions,” the actor explained.

He also emphasized the importance of being mindful of everything that people post online.

Marlo joins the launching of Knowledge Channel’s new educational show, ‘Heneral Tuna’

“Nowadays, it has been easy for people to share what they want to share. But before sharing, you need to find facts. Everybody’s becoming a ‘journalist’. So, what you must do is to look first for proper sources because you will not know how a post can ruin someone’s life. So, hindi lang para du’n sa mga kung anong issues but in general, guys, just be aware and of course, be mindful of your actions,” he reiterated.

“I have more important things to do in life, like my studies. Ayokong maapektuhan. What my advice is ‘think before you click’,” stated Marlo.

As the main provider for the family, Marlo also mentioned that he started concentrating on his studies during the pandemic. He enrolled in online courses and is now completing his Multimedia Arts program at Enderun as a Star Magic scholar.

The ILY 1000 star has also been doing side hosting at Knowledge Channel’s educational shows and just recently, he led the launching of the channel’s latest children’s show – Heneral Tuna.

“I think it’s a fun way for kids to learn. Of course, It has been a repeating cycle—learning, watching typical educational shows—but for making it an anime-type and the main character is a cat, for sure, many students will be excited to watch Heneral Tuna. So, I’m happy that we have this kind of initiative,” ended Marlo.

Heneral Tuna streams on iWantTFC and can be watched every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:00 p.m. on Knowledge Channel.

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