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Monday, December 4, 2023

Rex Education joins 2023 CEAP National Convention

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and transformations in the field of education, this year’s CEAP National Convention holds special significance, long being at the forefront of transformative education, advocacy, solidarity, and synodality. 

Every year, the convention provides a platform for educators, administrators, stakeholders, and partners to come together, exchange ideas, collectively address the ever-evolving needs and challenges of the educational sector, and celebrate as a community. 

Rex Education witnessed the covention’s spiritual and intellectual journey in promoting quality education for all, with Catholic faith at the core. 

This year’s convention, bearing the theme “Pilgrims of Hope: Exploring Pathways to Synodality,” is a testament to CEAP’s continuing support of the Church and society through the promotion of Filipino Catholic education. 

For this year’s CEAP convention, REX brought back its Educational Hub, featuring its diverse and extensive collection of educational resources spanning early childhood education through the formative years in K–12 and to higher education and professional or adult education. 

REX’s resources also offered a comprehensive selection of solutions for teachers, parents, and learning companions, all to complement and enrich teaching and learning processes and experiences, including values that foster learner development. 

Under Early Childhood Education (ECE), REX exhibited its Little Explorers brand with over 100 titles, including the Hello Animals books. With a focus on values and holistic development, the books are designed to stimulate young minds, encourage creativity, and lay the foundations for lifelong learning.

For this year, REX also introduced some of its latest titles for 2024 for the K–12 program. These include work texts in Science, Math, and Language, aligned with the evolving needs of learners, educators, and educational institutions.

REX’s participation at the convention was also a resounding declaration of its support for DepEd’s newly launched Matatag curriculum. 

The Matatag curriculum is expected to decongest the present K-12 curriculum by reducing the number of competencies and focusing more on the development of foundational skills, and in the process improve students’ learning outcomes. 

“REX is in full support of the Matatag agenda, particularly the initiative of making the curriculum relevant to produce job-ready, active, and responsible citizens,” said Don Timothy Buhain, chief executive officer of Rex Education. 

“We believe that the implementation of the new curriculum will further enhance the quality of education in the Philippines and contribute to the holistic development of our learners.”

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