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Compiled by Desiree Carlos

We have been encountering posts on dogs, cats, and other animals on Facebook that are eye-openers, or inspiring, or enlightening, or educational, or can make one feel good during a stressful day, or make one encouraged to help the poor souls among us.

Sunday Pets would like to share these notable posts of netizens through this space called Pawsbook.

Photos from the article “A Tale of Resilience The Homeless Musician and His Cat “ in went viral in different Facebook groups.

In the article, we learned about the homeless musician and his cat Luna who caught our attention when we saw the photos :

“Meet James, a talented musician who, through a series of unfortunate events, found himself without a home. James had a deep passion for music, and his guitar was not only his means of artistic expression but also his source of solace. Even when life dealt him a tough hand, James continued to play his guitar on the bustling streets, pouring his emotions into every note…

Amidst the cacophony of the city, James’s music attracted the attention of an unlikely admirer—Luna, a stray cat who seemed to understand the emotions behind each melody. Luna would sit beside James, listening intently, her presence providing him with a sense of comfort and connection…

The streets became their home, and James and Luna became inseparable companions. Luna’s gentle purrs and affectionate nuzzles provided James with the emotional support he needed to navigate the challenges of homelessness. While the world passed by in a hurry, their bond offered a respite from the harsh realities of life on the streets…”

“James’s music became a lifeline, not only for him but for those who stopped to listen. Passersby were moved by the raw emotion in his songs, and some would leave small tokens of appreciation. These acts of kindness, though modest, provided James and Luna with a glimmer of hope….

As word spread about James and Luna, the community rallied to support them. Local shelters and animal welfare organizations offered Luna medical care and supplies, while others contributed to a fund that eventually helped James secure temporary housing. The kindness of strangers began to transform their lives….


The story of the homeless musician and his cat, Luna, reminds us of the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. James’s music, an expression of his innermost feelings, not only sustained him but also touched the hearts of those who heard it.

Luna, the loyal feline companion, exemplifies the power of connection and the solace that the presence of animals can bring in difficult times…”

Michelle Ramer Benoit posted this poster in Facebook on October 12. We do hope more humans will adopt black dogs.

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