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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Resolution over persecution

It looks like most government people are becoming experts in persecution.

It happens in traffic where most law enforcers, if not all, would rather wait for motorists to commit violations than guide or direct traffic to prevent infractions.

If you are not familiar with today’s EDSA, some stretches like in the Munoz area lead to a left turn and a straight line.

The middle lane used to be safe to go straight ahead, but now, the middle lane beside the left lane is used for a left turn.

You will only know about it when you reach the point where one or two MMDA enforcers are waiting to apprehend the hapless “violators.”

It would have been helpful if an enforcer was positioned at the beginning of the split lane to direct traffic.

It’s no different in roads controlled by local enforcers of various cities in Metro Manila.

You could see enforcers waiting at far corners, ready to apprehend unsuspecting motorists who commit violations either because road signs are unclear or are obstructed.

Is it because of accomplishments? Or it can be a cause of dispute that may force the motorist to “settle.”
Interestingly, it doesn’t only happen on the road.

The Department of Trade and Industry also has existing directives for establishments, big or small, like the certification of repair shops.

Agents of the enforcement department really go out of their way to find and persecute those who fail to apply for accreditation.

They file reports complete with pictures until that owner gets summoned to explain why his small show should not be penalized.

The owner sent an email requesting guidance on how to proceed with the accreditation. No reply from the DTI.
So much fuss for a minute infraction.

What the enforcement staff should have done was check and, in the absence of accreditation, provided the form, guided the establishment on how to fulfill the regulations, and get the problem solved without the government spending a lot on printing of papers and shipping expenses.

Well, the enforcers had boosted their stock in terms of accomplishment in the department. But is that the way to solve the problem nowadays?

People need jobs. Small enterprises are encouraged to continue despite the difficult economy.

And this is the way concerned agencies run the show.

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