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677 loose guns seized in Pampanga

Camp Olivas, Pampanga—A total of 677 unregistered and unlicensed guns were surrendered to police authorities following an intensified campaign against loose firearms across Pampanga area as part of the government effort to ensure peaceful elections next year, said Central Luzon police director BGen Matthew Baccay.

Baccay said Oplan Katok is part of the Philippine National Police (PNP) efforts aimed at recovering loose guns on the streets.

Gun holders who failed to re-register their firearms have to surrender their licensed guns to authorities as it is already considered loose, said Baccay as encouraged others License to Own and Possess (LTOP) Firearms to visit the nearest police station for guidance.

Baccay said the Oplan Katok was conducted in cooperation with the local government units (LGUs) of every town in Pampanga.

“The surrender of loose firearms manifested the cooperation of different stakeholders towards a peaceful community especially during the holding of the synchronize elections next year,” said Baccay while supervising the presentation of the firearms to local media held at the Bale Katimawan at Pampanga Provincial Police Office (PPO) headquarters.

The firearms surrendered included seven pieces of Armalite rifles (M1), 92 pcs of shotguns, and assorted handguns mostly caliber 45 and 9mm pistols.

Under the Oplan Katok, Baccay said policemen conducted house-to-house visits of residences in which the occupants has a registered firearm.

He said firearms holders are encouraged by the police to re-register their firearms as required by law or the Republic Act 10591 to eliminate the proliferation of loose firearms in the countryside.

Some 30 search warrants have been issued by various courts against 214 gunholders resulting in the arrest of 213 persons and confiscation of 236 guns of different make, type, and models.

Baccay directed the Pampanga police office to sustain its campaign against loose firearms and other lawless elements of society to keep the streets safe from criminals.

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