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OTS poised to upgrade security screening process at NAIA

The Office of Transportation Security (OTS) has announced it will come up with a new security screening management plan to improve its services and for the convenience of passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

OTS administrator Ma. O Aplasca said there will soon be major changes in security screening layout to achieve an “even more efficient and effective security of passengers and their baggage at the airport.”

Aplasca said security screening process must be rigid and, at the same time, convenient.

He made the disclosure during his recent visit at the NAIA Terminal 1 where he witnessed the replacement of non-operational x-ray machines at the security screening checkpoints.

“Many of our kababayans have seen security as an arduous process to comply, and in some instances, we receive complaints on queuing. That is why my guidance is: to make it rigid, while at the same time convenient for them. And to do that, we must ensure that our tools and equipment in conducting screening are efficiently working according to its purpose, complemented by highly trained security screening officers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the OTS chief reiterated his reminder to air travelers that bringing any kind of ammunition or firearms into the airport terminals is prohibited.

This after two passengers were separately intercepted in the NAIA Terminal 4 for carrying a box containing 50 pieces of live 38mm bullets and an undocumented .22 caliber firearm

A 36-year-old woman bound for Bacolod was arrested after her baggage yielded a box containing 50 pieces of live ammunition of caliber .38 mm.

The baggage was inspected in the presence of the passenger who was called upon together with law enforcement officers to witness the inspection, following the standard operating procedures.

The police on duty asked for corresponding documents, which the passenger failed to provide. Failing to do so, she was then arrested for violating Republic Act No. 10592.

The other incident happened involving a 40-year old passenger who was caught with undocumented .22-caliber firearm.

Reports showed that the passenger, who was bound for Cagayan de Oro, was undergoing the usual screening when an OTS officer detected something, prompting him and another officer to conduct the screening in private.

OTS officer Joseph Lee Caliwag and airport security screening checkpoint supervisor Franklin Buscano found the firearm tucked inside the passenger’s underwear. The gun had no serial number.

The OTS, together with other airport authorities, urged the public to check for items prohibited at the airport before their scheduled travel to avoid any inconvenience.

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