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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Marcos: No room for corruption, abuse in PNP

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday warned police officers that corruption and abuse of power have “no room” under his administration.

During the oathtaking of the second batch of newly promoted Philippine National Police star-rank officers, Mr. Marcos reminded them to uphold the highest standards of ethics and human rights.

“In the New Philippines that we are promoting, there is no room for corruption, abuse of power, and other forms of wrongdoing and illegal activities in our police force,” he said.

“As officials, you are responsible for ensuring that all PNP personnel uphold the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and respect for human rights. I also expect that you will lead by example so that every officer and member under your command will adhere to these same principles,” he added.

Public trust, the President said, is the foundation of effective law enforcement, noting that the public should see reforms and positive changes in the police force.

Mr. Marcos also reminded police officers to prioritize dialogue and collaboration within the communities that they serve to nurture mutual respect and support from the public.

He assured the PNP that the government would find ways to pursue modernization in the police force and vowed to equip cops with the latest technology, training, and resources to bolster their capabilities.

“This will enable you to contribute in maintaining peace, which is the backbone of our society’s stability and well-being. Hand-in-hand, let us lead our nation towards genuine and meaningful transformation,” he said.

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