‘Lockdown food’ for pets

posted April 05, 2020 at 11:10 pm
by  Manila Standard Lifestyle
It has been a struggle for pet owners in Luzon, specially those in Metro Manila, to find pet stores that deliver dry and canned dog food and cat food during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

‘Lockdown food’ for pets
Dogs love boiled vegetables.
Most times too, pet owners do not have sufficient funds in their bank accounts online to buy pet food by the bulk.

There have been rumors going around too that the ECQ or lockdown will be extended for at least 15 days.

Don’t worry. There are food in your refrigerator, or in your garden, that are good for dogs and cats.

Even if you have dry pet food or pellets or kibble, you can still give homemade food to your pets as treats. This will lessen their boredom from being locked inside the home too. (Don’t forget to have your pet “sunbathe” in the garage or balcony or terrace though, and to walk a bit outside.)

Homemade food for dogs

Meat stock or fish stock

The first thing you can do is keep stock from boiled beef, pork or chicken for dogs and stock from boiled fish inside the refrigerator, preferably the freezer. Put the stock or soup in small containers for several cooking or uses.

When you are boiling meat for sinigang or bulalo, for example, set aside some soup or stock before you put salt or any seasoning,  and refrigerate or freeze.

‘Lockdown food’ for pets
You can add noodles to the meat stock with vegetables.
Congee or Lugaw

Next, you can make a congee. Just boil your rice in water. You can also put small amounts in small containers, and put in the refrigerator. But it is always best to cook lugaw before feeding time.

Before giving congee to your dogs, you can mix the meat stock, and add some grated pumpkin or carrots, and some leafy vegetables like malunggay or moringa leaves which you can grow in the garden.

Vegetables that are good for dogs

Here is a list of vegetables that you can give to your dogs:

Pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sayote, pachay tagalog, pechay Baguio.  Talbos ng kamote or sweet potato tops, ampalaya without the seed, upo without the seed, patola in small amounts without the seed, Baguio beans (cut into very thin, small pieces, and celery.

Vegetables that are good for cats

Here is a list of vegetables that are good for cats:

Cooked carrots, pumpkin,  green beans, peas, zucchini, and broccoli.  Grate or cut into small, thin pieces that a cat can “chew”  and swallow.

Stew for dogs

A stew for dogs consists only of beef or pork or chicken stock (sabaw), and some vegetables.  Do not put any seasoning. You can put rosemary leaves (dried or fresh) for a good, shiny coat/fur, and a few drops of apple cider vinegar  which is good for the heart and keeps ticks away.

Stew for cats

A stew for cats consists of chicken or fish stock, and moringa leaves, with some other vegetables which are good for cats.

‘Lockdown food’ for pets
Ground meat with rosemary for the doggos.
Veggie-Meat balls for dogs

1. Boil ground pork or beef or minced chicken.

2. Remove most stock and keep in the refrigerator for a meat stew later.

3. Grate pumpkin or carrots or sayote or kamote.

4. Add the vegetables to the boiling meat.

5. If vegetables are already cooked, remove the pot from the fire.

6. Drain the water/soup from the meat and veggies.

7. Roll the meat and veggies into a ball.

8. Roll the ball of meat and veggies on corn starch.

9. You can choose to boil in the meat-veggies stock and serve to your dog  this way or

10. Bake the meat-veggie ball or put it in the oven toaster. Remove when light brown. Then give to your dog when it is no longer hot.

11. Give the soup to your dog later, or add noodles or add to dry dog food.

Veggie-Fish balls for cats

1. Boil the fish.

2. Remove the head and bones of the fish.

3. Set aside the flesh.

4. Put grated vegetables in the fish stock and let boil for 3-5 minutes.

5. Mix veggies with the fish and roll into a ball.

6. Roll the ball on corn starch.

7. Put  fish balls in the stock and  serve to dogs as is, or

8. Bake the fish balls or put in the oven toaster. Remove when light brown.

9. Then give the stock to your cat with the dry kibble for dinner.

Vegetable treats

You can also boil carrots, sayote, or sweet potatoes which have been cut like French fries. Dogs love these.

They also love the stalk of celery.  

These food are not only easy to prepare and cook, but they are also healthy for your pet. DC

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