Most unusual dog behavior are normal

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There are more dog behavior that make some owners anxious. Again, observe and do not worry unnecessarily. There are ways to handle such actions and they will stop unless there is a medical condition behind it. If the behavior does not stop, do consult a vet.

WebMD enumerates other such unusual behavior that are normal among dogs:

Rolling in Garbage

“If you see a decaying animal or a pile of garbage, you step around it. Your dog, though, wants to roll in it. The grosser the smell, the better it is to your dog,” WebMd says.

Shakti is afraid of the sound of  thunder. We play baby music or calming classical music during the rainy season.
It adds: “ One theory is that dogs like to cover their own scent with icky odors to make it easier to surprise prey. You probably can’t change that, so try to spot smelly things first and steer your dog clear.”


A dog will drool when you are grilling steaks. That is normal.

“But drooling too much, or for no good reason, could be a sign of a health problem.  If your dog drools a lot and starts having behavioral problems, such as chewing or hiding, it also could be a sign of anxiety. Nausea can also cause drooling. Consult your vet, “ WebMD says.


“Some dogs will try to herd anything -- cats, ducks, even kids. They were bred to herd. They naturally want to move things around or collect things because it's what their genes are telling them to do. Even though herding can be normal, it still can be a problem. With training, dogs can learn to herd only when you want them to, “ WebMD notes.

Noise Phobia

We have dogs who are afraid of noises. During the rainy season, we play calming instrumental music for babies as we have two dogs who are afraid of the sound of thunder.

“Some dogs are afraid of noises like thunderstorms or sirens. Seek professional help for those noise phobias. You can help your dog learn to relax by doing fun activities with her while listening to recordings of the noises that scare her. Talk to your vet for advice,’ WebMD says.

Summer is one dog who loves to get licks from herself. She licks her paws always. 

Dogs do lick their paws to clean themselves.

“That's normal, as long as they don't overdo it. When dogs lick their paws too much, it's often because of an infection or skin allergy. Sometimes, it's a habit. Talk to your vet to find out the cause and how to treat it,” WebMD says.

Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes

WebMD says, “Dog eyes naturally glow in the dark, because they're different from human eyes. Dogs have a layer of eye tissue which reflects light back through the retina. This is one reason dogs have better night vision than people do.”


Yes, dogs do dream. They bark in their sleep, and even look like they are running.

“Your dog is curled up in bed, eyes shut and paws twitching. Every now and then, he whines. He's probably dreaming. If you could see a dog’s brainwaves during sleep, they seem to have REM cycles. REM or rapid eye movement is the stage of sleep when people usually dream. So what do dogs dream about? That’s one secret our four-legged friends get to keep,” WebMD says.

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