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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Another grateful Tuesday

On September 15,  Grateful Tuesdays  hosts Chemist  Pinky Tobiano  and Teacher  Georcelle Sy, took to the streets of Barangay Katipunan in Quezon City to dance with the local street children-vendors. Their heartwarming initiative aimed to share blessings with these young vendors.

Pinky dances with the street children-vendors of Barangay Katipunan in Quezon City

The experience was nothing short of amazing. Initially, the street children-vendors, who sold cold drinks and sampaguita garlands, were hesitant about joining the dance workshop with  Gforce. They worried that participating in the workshop might cost them sales. However, Pinky had a solution – she bought all their goods for the day, without exception.

These street-kid vendors were enthusiastic about dancing and creating TikTok videos. Their admiration for Gforce was evident, and the joy and happiness on their faces while dancing with Teacher G and the Gforce team were truly heartwarming. It was a reminder of how wonderful it feels to be a blessing to others.

So why did Teacher Georcelle choose to participate alongside Host Pinky in this endeavor? She shared, “I was once a recipient of good deeds myself. My dance education came through scholarships. Giving back has always brought me immense joy. This invitation from Achi (Pinky) is a true blessing.”

‘Grateful Tuesdays’ host chemist Pinky Tobiano (left) and Teacher Georcelle Sy

For Teacher Georcelle, teaching these kids was like reliving her own childhood days, playing and dancing with neighbors. She expressed her excitement about the experience.

Host Pinky expressed her gratitude to Teacher Georcelle for her generous spirit. She also mentioned the Harvard Business School (OPM) and their contributions, as well as extending thanks to Miss Anna Magkawas, Mike Carandang, and Super Sam for generously providing food for the street kids.

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