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‘Rage’ with a cause

RAGING Bull Burgers prides itself on the practice of nose-to-tail butchery – using parts of the animal beyond the more standard cuts. All food and beverage in the shop are served in eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable items such as Kraft paper-board boxes and utensils made of cornstarch. 

This we learned at the recent opening of the burger joint’s third branch located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ortigas.

Established in 2017, Raging Bull Burgers is a flavor-forward shop that has become popular with its patties that are made from choice cuts of brisket, rump, and wagyu, which are marinated in its chart-topping, original seasoning mix.

Ground daily, the beef comes from the best Australian and American beef cuts with a focus on high-quality grain-fed and grass-fed beef. This is done by working with local farmers through a nose-to-tail approach. 

Raging Bull Burgers remains true to its words providing every diner with a fresh and kick-ass burger

The menu offers mean burgers with spunk in every bite. They are chargrilled and topped with locally sourced fresh produce and a special secret sauce created in-house by the restaurant’s chefs. Fresh and kick-ass burger – the credo of Raging Bull Burgers.

The interiors resonate with the whole philosophy of Raging Bull Burgers – a burger shop with a conscience and the attitude of a rock star. From the moment the diners step in, they are met with vibrant energy reverberating from each staff. 

Raging Bull Burgers offers a variety of cuts, from brisket to rump, wagyu, and grass-fed beef. 

“The foundation of any good burger is the meat. Beef has several different cuts with different flavor profiles, textures, purposes, and fat content. The meat-to-fat percentage of the burgers served here is 70/30 which is the ideal ratio to have a juicy, delicious, and moist patty,” says Joris Rycken, Shangri-La The Fort, Manila’s executive chef. 

“Aside from the beef used to make the patty, an especially key factor would be the buns. Here we use corn buns – these soft, vaguely sweet, and golden-yellow buns are said to be perfect for burgers and any kind of sandwiches,” Rycken ended.

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