Turn your house into a colorful mural

In the time of coronavirus, a joyous palette could buoy your mood

Specific architectural styles evoke different emotions in people. Victorian-era style architecture uses more neutral colors in order to pull off its moody look, which means that there is a possibility of a heavier and darker atmosphere within your home. 

Turn your house into a colorful mural

Mediterranean-style homes are made of active colors, which could cause an adrenaline, but may make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Cohesion via architectural styles

With the boom of the real estate industry in the Philippines, more and more architectural styles are popping up in the housing landscape.

In order to find the right house paint ideas for a home that would also fit into the culture of Philippine homes, one must first understand the basics of their color palettes. 

Traditional-styled homes make use of a uniform color palette that may end up being too monotonous. Instead, modern-styled architecture has started to move away from the traditional materials that make a home in favor of a style that makes use of multiple materials and still keep the design cohesive. Glass, metal, wood, and stone can now be found within one home. The color palettes these make use of are more often than not neutrals and earth tones.

The walls can primarily be made of concrete or light pieces of wood, topped off with a dark-colored tile roof. The majority of the walls can be changed in favor of wide sliding glass doors. This is ideal for the Philippine climate because it boasts modernity while allowing for good ventilation to keep the house cool. 

Another type of home that can usually be seen in the Philippines is one that is designed to capitalize on the natural beauty of the scenery around it.

Color matching the environment

The Philippines is a country teeming with lush flora, so if you have a property that allows for a freestanding or detached home, make use of the space to create a luxurious, natural surrounding. 

Even if you have space only for a pocket garden, build a home that can work with the greenery in your property. To further capture the natural feel, some homeowners locally source the materials they need for the build, like stones for wall cladding or to pave driveways.

Blues, greens, browns – these are the go-to colors if you want to have your house merge with the surrounding landscape. But some push the envelope by choosing to paint their homes with bright colors. Some homes near the sea choose to mimic the water by having bright blue walls. Others who live in mountain areas choose to paint their walls yellow or orange to match the sun.

Matching the colors of your house, garden

Coordinate the palette of  garden and house for an artful appearance and cohesive design.

One way to link a house and garden is to use paint colors that can be repeated in foliage or flowers. Choosing the rights colors can suit a home’s charm.

For example, planting of vivid bougainvillea bloom, magenta with yellow and chartreuse accents, provides the right amount of contrast for a white, or beige house.

A cool house color, such as blue, green, or purple, works well with cool plant colors because they are harmonious. 

Similarly, houses painted in warm colors of light yellow, pink, or apricot would harmonize with plantings that feature warm colors. To liven things up, combine colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel. A blue house paired with orange flowers, for example, provides maximum contrast.

Bright house colors are dramatic and should be paired with equally spectacular colors in the garden. Repeat the house colors as closely as possible and for as long as possible through the year. 

Mediterranean for a refreshing vibe

Mediterranean architecture can give your home the refreshing vibe of a weekend getaway every single day. The use of this particular architectural style in beach home developments makes us equate this type of home with bright, sunny and relaxing days, which puts us in a vacation mood.

These homes are designed to mimic those found lined along the streets of the Mediterranean region of the world. 

The concrete walls of Mediterranean architecture are usually painted a solid yellow color or a combination of yellow and white. This is to highlight the fresh and tropical feel of the home. The roofs are made of red tiles, in order to further complement the beachside look. White lines are found around the house in order to give it some further texture.

Turn your house into a colorful mural

Boysen paints for your color palette

Here are the things that can help you  finalize your color palette:

Choose your furniture first before choosing your wall colors

Start designing formal areas and use those colors as accents in other places.

The usual color story of a room: dark floors, medium to bright tones for the walls, and light ceilings.

Choose from a variety of different paint colors from paint suppliers such as Boysen Philippines in order to find the right one for you.

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