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Odiva Pork debuts in the Philippines: Sustainable and ethical production of ‘Pinpu’ black pig

Marking a new chapter in the culinary landscape of the Philippines, Odiva Pork officially made its debut in the country, promising an experience that marries gastronomic delight with ethical and sustainable practices.

Hailing from Taiwan, Odiva Pork’s essence is grounded in the “Pinpu Black Pig” – a breed cherished for its tender and flavorful meat.

But it is not merely the breed that sets Odiva apart, it is the company’s dedication to marrying tradition with innovation in every facet of production.

For over a decade, the company has immersed itself in a rigorous process of selective breeding.

Odiva black pig pork platter

Their mission? To perpetuate the lineage of the Taiwanese black pig, a heritage revered by indigenous communities in Taiwan.

But Odiva did not stop at tradition. Collaborating with research institutes and experts, the company created a superior genetic library, ensuring the continued purity and distinctiveness of this exceptional Pinpu breed.

Odiva’s stance on animal welfare is likewise uncompromising: The pigs undergo an extended aging period of at least 270 days, ensuring quality and ethical treatment.

The brand’s use of cutting-edge technology to monitor temperature, ventilation, and lighting ensures the optimal well-being of the animals.

Pork tomahawk

Odiva Pork’s Chun-Fa-Cheng Pig Farm, set against the backdrop of the majestic Dawu Mountains, also prioritizes eco-friendly practices, with the pigs nourished with clean fodder and water.

Modern consumers demand transparency, and Odiva delivers.

Each pig is equipped with a microchip, providing real-time data on its health and well-being. Additionally, QR codes on product packaging allow consumers to trace the journey of their pork, from farm to table, fostering a deeper connection and trust in the brand.

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