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MVP and Landco lead rebuilding of tourism

As the global travel industry faces the adverse effects of the health crisis, Manuel Pangilinan, chairman of the MVP Group of Companies, believes in the resilience of Filipinos and leads the rebuilding of the country’s tourism competitiveness through Landco Pacific Corp.

MVP and Landco lead rebuilding of tourism
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MVP’s trust in the Filipinos’ capability to rise above the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic was highlighted when he provided security and care for 153 employees of Landco and pushed forward with the planned developments that would positively impact Philippine tourism. 

“It is an honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to help MVP turn his vision of rebuilding a stronger tourism industry into reality through Landco’s revolutionary concept of leisure tourism estates,” said Landco president and chief executive Erickson Manzano.

“With the company’s legacy of pioneering premium landscapes for more than 30 years, Landco innovates with its LTE as tourism and lifestyle destinations, offering a wide array of resort amenities in idyllic beachside locales that have a thriving connection to the community,” Manzano said.

“Property owners have the immense opportunity of building their dream beach homes, availing of the LTE’s resort living amenities and opting to start a new business of their own that reflects their passion and caters to the tourism market. Through these projects, Landco helps promote Philippine tourism and jumpstart local businesses,” he said.

Landco’s latest LTEs are master-planned developments with mixed-use residential and commercial lots, situated in the tourist destination of Batangas including the 24-hectare Club Laiya and 15-hectare CaSoBÄ“ as well as Samal Island, Davao. 

These properties promote the quality of leisure tourism experience in their locality and highlight the three main principles of sustainable tourism: economic, environment, and socio-cultural sustainability. 

Jobs for locals 

The newly-launched developments in Batangas drive the tourism market for unique resort experiences that in effect create jobs for the local community.

“By promoting domestic travel in Batangas, Millennial Resorts is helping the tourism industry recover from the challenges of the times,” said Patrick Gregorio, senior consultant for hospitality and tourism at Landco.

Millennial Resorts, operated by Landco, trains and employs locals for a wide range of resort amenities at both properties. With the warm hospitality and world-class service of homegrown talents, the resort offers unconventional accommodations like the surreal capsule-like rooms of Cocoons to Crusoe Cabins’ beachfront view of Calatagan, Batangas’ picture-perfect sunsets.

To complement the Batangas beach experience, Millennial Resorts features water amenities such as Aquaria, a water park with a three-story pool slide at CaSoBÄ“, and the Beach Club at Club Laiya. Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar provides a chic and casual dining experience. 

The Canopy and Isle, venues for corporate events and weddings, and the Colony, a modern and hip beachside co-working space will open soon, providing more jobs for locals.


The two properties are aiming to be both Edge and LEED-certified. Ecological conservation projects particularly the conservation of marine life and sea turtles are also in place.

As part of the resort experience, these beachside properties have thoughtful design elements that offer an inviting and relaxing ambiance in harmony with nature. 

A sense of place and solidarity with the community pervade in Club Laiya and CaSoBÄ“. Locals, tourists, and property investors share a common ground in helping preserve the historical sites, tourist attractions, and the natural beauty of the expansive white beach and picturesque sunsets of Batangas. 

The Seaside District at Club Laiya, San Juan is designed as a contemporary resort destination. It is a place to see and be seen, as property owners and tourists alike enjoy an active lifestyle with water sports and activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, and yachting.  

Harbour Estates are lots offered within CaSoBÄ“, Calatagan known for a more laidback resort lifestyle in an intimate setting which complements the rich heritage of its location by providing relaxation and entertainment attractions. These estates are classified as commercial or mixed use where lots are for residential or commercial or both. Investors enjoy the stature and benefits of owning a beach property in a tourism destination. 

New normal 

Promoting tourism as a platform for overcoming these challenging times as envisioned by MVP, the journey to a better future begins with Landco’s LTEs.  These future-proof investments equip property owners to adapt to the new normal, redefine living the good life and have work life balance in beachside properties.  At the same time, they get to enjoy the anticipated increase in market value as proven by Landco’s recent project in Punta Fuego, Batangas, and contribute to the growth of local tourism. 

Landco is a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Corp.

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