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French study shows vaping can lead to a decline in smoking

Another scientific research, this time by the French, confirmed earlier findings that adult smokers using e-cigarettes also called vapes or electronic nicotine delivery systems were more likely to succeed in quitting tobacco smoking.

The recent study conducted by RamchandarGomanjee, a researcher from the Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health in France and published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, involved over 5,000 regular smokers and 2,025 former smokers for an average of two years. 

It indicated that the number of combustible cigarettes used by regular smokers, or those who smoked daily, dropped by more than 4 percent within the two-year period.

Similarly, 67 percent more e-cigarette users were found to be more likely to quit cigarettes completely, compared with non-users.

The study also showed that newer vaping products considerably reduced the risk of relapsing to the use of combustible cigarettes, as these offered a better way of delivering nicotine into the smoker’s bloodstream, providing a sensation similar to the tobacco products.

According to Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, electronic nicotine delivery systems had undergone significant technological changes throughout the years to help cigarette users successfully transition to the use of less harmful smoking alternatives.

“Prior to technological advancements made around 2013, e-cigarette devices were difficult to use and only effective for the most dedicated of would-be quitters,” said Conley. Devices developed prior to 2013, he claimed, no longer bears any resemblance to current ENDS technology, “so using ancient data is not particularly helpful to understanding whether vaping products can help smokers quit today.”

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