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Skinner Ad
345 x 622 pixels/image
.jpeg, .swf, .gifTopmost Ad
622 x 111 pixels
.jpeg, .swf, .gifLeaderboard
728 x 90 pixels
.jpeg, .swf, .gif

Ear Ad
200 x 90 pixels
.jpeg, .gif

Box/Video Ad
300 x 250 pixels
.jpeg, .swf, .gif

Ribbon Ad
300 x 60 pixels
.jpeg, .gif

160 x 600 pixels
.jpeg, .swf, .gifSquare Ad
160 x 160 pixels
.jpeg, .gifFooter Ad
728 x 90 pixels
.jpeg, .swf, .gif

Footer Ear Ad
200 x 90 pixels
.jpeg, .gif

Inside Banner
660 x 280 pixels
.jpeg, .gif

Mobile Ad
320 x 50 pixels
.jpeg, .gif


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Reservation: Two(2) day before website posting date
Cancellation: Two(2) days before website posting date Materials: Two (2) days before issue date.
Digital lines in JPEG/GIF/ PNG (72 dpi) format;
Not more than 90KB file size.

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