Huwag kang magnanakaw

Part III

When Senator Bongbong Marcos demanded for a systems audit of the Commission on Elections and how the Smartmatic-operated counting machines work, those idiots forgot that they cannot raise the defense of self-incrimination in the event the suspicion is verified that there was an anomaly in the counting.

Rather, when the Comelec rejected the demand saying Marcos might use that as evidence against them, the poll body failed to realize that it assumed the role of an arbiter with authority to lay down the rules that the electoral exercise would be fair, honest and clean. It goes without saying that it is duty-bound to explain why the aggrieved candidates lost in the election. An audit of the system is the only way to convince the Filipino people that they elected a demagogue for a VP. Only those who refused to participate in the election can be denied that right.

If the Comelec acted the same way to brush aside the demand for a systems audit as though it were acting as a referee in a cockfight, the referee would have been killed right there and then. This we say for even among gamblers there is chivalry and honor in their profession. The slightest transgression of the sacred rules could quickly result in the betting of the cheater’s life. Thus, when the Comelec assumed the role and allowed the hasty proclamation of the alleged winner by a rubber-stamp Congress, and then we might as well say adios to this land of the monkeys.

The Comelec is under obligation to explain to every candidate how the system works because it is in knowing that would convince him why he lost. If the alien braggart that now controls the outcome of the election result could claim the counting was the fastest in the world, there is no reason it could not carry out the fastest recounting of the votes. Failure to do that would give the people the right to brand the last election as rigged and call the proclaimed vice president an impostor.

The Filipino people who did not vote for Leni Robredo would not violate any law for showing their disrespect. To deny them that right would only deepen the divisiveness between the traitorous oligarchy and the disenfranchised poor. As this column predicted, the votes against the hypocritical administration was a protest vote. Mar Roxas only has to blame himself for his indefatigable loyalty to the hypocrites who persist in asserting that they have the monopoly of morality.

The cheating exacerbated the people’s anger because they see the Comelec and the PPCRV taking turns in justifying the alleged victory of the demagogue. If the pious hypocrites hated President Marcos by branding him a dictator, at least he was honestly elected by the people to bestow on him the mandate to govern.

In the case of Noynoy Aquino, many could not believe he won in the 2010 despite barely having credentials as congressman and senator. Many believe he was only voted into office by the same computer machines that elected the demagogue. Noynoy is no different from his mother Cory Aquino. She refused to conduct a recount of the ballots to prove that Marcos rigged the election on February 9, 1986. She could have done that to verify their claim. On the contrary, she discontinued the counting soon after she realized that the result would confirm that Marcos won.

The infamy of 1986 is being repeated; once again, we are being compelled to idolize one whom the majority of the people never voted into office. The subjugation of our people has been made easy by the use of cheating machines programmed to make sure that only lackeys of the oligarchy and the US imperialists win. The systematic cheating has reduced our supposedly democratic electoral system to one of farce, with the Comelec serving as the spokesman of Smartmatic and the PPCRV confirming the result as authentic like that of the bishop’s cathedra.

When Bongbong Marcos, during his privilege speech, elaborated how his votes evaporated overnight in the first day of counting despite the overwhelming lead of almost one million, he was rudely interrupted by Senator Bam Aquino who insisted that Marcos show proof he was cheated. Aquino forgot that the Comelec and its co-conspirator, the PPCRV, was withholding the evidence from the people. Even idiots could logically question how the demagogue was able to overtake the lead from Bongbong unless from 8:00 p.m. up to 7:00 a.m. all the votes that were counted were in favor of the demagogue and none for Bongbong.

When it was also revealed that an officer of Smartmatic changed the script of the Comelec transparency server, and those who saw it demanded an investigation, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista immediately came to the defense of Smartmatic, saying that the breach did not alter the vote count. Bautista missed the point because it is not the alteration of the result in the counting that is being questioned but the breach of security. The act of changing the script was done without the knowledge of the Comelec. As one would say, the voters aside from being denied their receipt they could use as evidence, the operators of the voting machines were operating it like a “one- armed bandit.”

It must be observed that prior to the election, there was a frenzy of poll surveys conducted by the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia and many fly-by-night poll surveys that were obviously funded by this pretending-to-be-honest administration to condition the minds of the people that their demagogue has finally overtaken the lead from an overwhelmingly popular choice, Bongbong Marcos. That mind conditioning was telling; the yellow horde would not settle for less and would make sure that their candidate wins. From there they would proceed to “Plan B” by ousting the expected winner Digong Duterte. According to Yen Makabenta, if the election was not marred by rigging, Bongbong could have easily won by more then three million votes.

Despite the intricate preparation to ensure the victory of their candidate, the yellow horde however failed to anticipate that the incident would expose them as cheaters. Bongbong won 46 percent of the votes cast in the National Capital Region or Metro Manila with Robredo garnering only 29 percent, and the nibbling opportunist Cayetano getting 13 percent. In fact, Bongbong obtained a higher percentage votes than Duterte who got only 43 percent. The win of Bongbong in the NCR is significant because any national candidate who wins in Metro Manila is likely to win the election. Results here are a reliable barometer. Many shook their heads when Bongbong lost because he even obtained a higher percentage vote than Duterte. This leads them to conclude that Robredo’s victory is what we call in the vernacular “pinilit.”

Similarly, it is given that Robredo will win in Bicol just as it is expected for Bongbong to win in the Ilocos region. But considering that he won in the NCR, enjoyed a rather overwhelming edge against the demagogue in many provinces, plus the numerous command votes given him by various religious organizations (INC and El Shaddai, among others), they took it that in the aggregate, Bongbong is likely to win. Even columnist RigobertoTiglao was amazed to note that in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, and Basilan, Bongbong got zero. In Cebu where he consistently led in most campus surveys, he lost close to half a million votes. One must note those fantastic figures only reduced the victory of the demagogue to impossibility.

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