Makabayan Koalisyon never truly matured

Political parties that style themselves as progressives must remain consistent to their ideology. While time has changed and fanaticism is now frowned upon, some of those who opted to remain demarcated have interpreted the past to keep the loyalty of their members, ignoring the truth that the past they are referring to could have liberated our people without going through the process of a bloody transition. They refuse to accept that it was the man they branded as dictator that elevated to new heights the meaning of self-determination and economic independence. 

As they say, nobody can ignore the truth, just the history of a country, for all its glory and infamy, will always be a part of its saga.  It is in knowing our history why we are able to compare the past from the present, and from there, draw the line whether we have truly managed to attain our commitment to improving the lives of our people.  It is from this simple postulate why political parties find solace in their existence. 

The coalition of eight makabayan party lists made up of Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Teachers-ACT, Piston, Kabataan, Migrante and Katribu have their reason why they are amalgamated as one political bloc.  But despite their claim of representing the nationalists and the progressives f status, they have not been able to liberate themselves from their own ideological encapsulation.

For all their cry of Marcos as a dictator, they ignore the truth that it was he who allowed the termination of the Laurel-Langley Agreement in July 1974, reduced and eventually terminated the US military bases agreement on Sept. 15,  1991, created numerous state-owned enterprises to allow our people enjoy the services they needed,  introduced laws to ensure their economic welfare, and most important attempted to industrialize this nation that had it succeeded could have finalized our quest for economic liberation.    

If only they would look back, they would realize that the program implemented by the Marcos administration was more than what they have bargained for under the present dispensation where they shamelessly opted for a parliamentary struggle, a strategy they used to malign their predecessors in the progressive movement.   The net result is they now come up to support a presidential candidate who is suspected to be a US citizen, and whose candidacy is being financed by the country’s foremost kingmaker, and by America’ chief accountant in this country, and whose empire is built upon a system called US imperialism.  Their strategy now is to support a candidate willing to give them both the logistical support and help to increase their changes of winning in this coming election.  

They even failed to analyze that measures like compensation, building of monuments for their alleged heroes, putting up a museum to recall martial law, and now seeking their support for the  approval of a law that would dismember our country, are in fact measures designed to co-opt them into the system without giving them any concession on how to resolve the problems that were almost resolved during the administration of Marcos. 

The  so-called progressives refuse to admit that our economic emancipation was almost at hand when it was snatched from us by the combined forces of the oligarchy, the Church and the imperialist, and supported by these self-styled liberators.  Indeed, history is our greatest teacher for it allows us to draw our lesson which their dialecticians refuse to admit.  Our own intelligentsia class where their alma mater was demolished to gave way for a shopping mall owned by the country’s mestizo oligarch have become buffoons unmindful that it is their tail that is being pulled by the elite. 

When the so-called makabayan party lists announced they are seeking an alliance with a candidate whose citizenship comes from the country that has given value to their existence, they completely betrayed their 3.5 million followers.  Maybe Grace Poe is a stooge, but their support for a stooge makes them doubly stupid. They continue to exhibit their ideological bankruptcy, for even in dialectics there is a hierarchical order to set in motion the strategy of one-step backward for tactical consideration, and make a two-steps forward to attain their strategic objective. 

Stated otherwise, they cannot sacrifice the ideology that justifies their existence for the sake of political convenience without betraying their followers about their alliance with an alleged American citizen who has already shown signs of disloyalty by her act of tampering her birth certificate and by her refusal to submit the Mamasapano Investigation Report to cover US involvement in that operation that led to the death of 44 of our elite police force.

The possible coalition cannot be made a condition to assure their senatorial candidate, Neri Colmenares, a seat in the Senate. Since it is the so-called makabayan party lists that need the coalition which many suspect that the agreement is more to ensure B.S Aquino fs so-called  greforms h  will be pursued beyond  2016, and  making sure that those who stashed away those billions to bribe political  sycophants  would not end up in jail. 

It is for this why so-called makabayan party lists continue to keep their distance from  reaching a possible an alliance with Bongbong Marcos because they have covertly  reduced their struggle to one of a personal crusade for their self-exiled leaders now holed in The Netherlands.  Up to now, they deny that they committed a sacrilege to Marxism when they supported the counter-revolution in 1986 that in the end cause them to devour their own children just to keep the party alive.   

What now prevails is opportunism of the highest order. 


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